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Robotics A.Y. 2018/2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the class of April 15 will NOT be held, according to students' request.

Professor: Cecilia Laschi

cecilia [dot] laschi [at] santannapisa [dot] it

Monday 16.00-18.00 Room C1

Thursday 9.00-11.00 Room L1


Introduction to Robotics and Biorobotics

Robotics Basics & Assignment

Assignment: Search the internet for a good example of a robot responding to our definition

(It can be done in small group of two students)

Next next class (Monday February 25):

  • Present your robot with few slides (including pictures)
  • Explain how it responds to the definition
  • Show its main components
  • If bioinspired, explain why/how/where

Fundamentals of Robotics and Control

Bioispired Robotics


Robot vision


  1. Stefano Berti
  2. Valerio De Caro
  3. Nicolò Lucchesi
  4. Matteo Montagnani
  5. Andrea Rosarco
  6. Lorenzo Spano


Written test on June 5, 9.00-12.00, AULA N1

Oral exams: see official UniPI calendar

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