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Andrea De Salve: Spreading in Distributed Online Social Networks

Online Social Networks (OSNs) typically exploit logically centralized infrastructure. The centralized nature of OSNs has several drawbacks including scalability, privacy, and dependence on a provider. A Distributed Online Social Network (DOSN) helps to lower the cost of the provider drastically, and allows better control of user privacy. One main challenge of decentralization is related to the diffusion of the users' contents. The ego network, i.e. the network made up of an individual, the ego, along with all their friends, may be exploited to define dissemination protocols. In this work we analyse the problem of spreading social updates in DOSN overlays where the links between nodes are defined by considering the social relationships between users. We will see how web mining and social network analysis techniques could be used to deal with contents' diffusion in DOSN. We focus our attention on classical centrality measures (ego betweenness centrality) and communities, and reason about their application to the problem.

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