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Lessons will be held onilne by Teams Platform

Day of Week Hour Room
Monday 11:00 - 12:45 Teams
Thursday 09:00 - 10:45 Teams

Link to Teams module:

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Slides & Registration of the classes

  • The slides used in the course will be inserted in the calendar after each class.
  • Registration of each lecture will be available on Teams

Past Exams



Class calendar - (2021-2022)

Day Topic Slides Data/Software References Video Lectures Teacher
13.09 11:00-12:45 Lecture canceled
1. 16.09 09:00-10:45 Introduction. File data access. 2021-lds.01.introduction.pdf 2020-lds.02.bi_architectures.pptx.pdf 2020-lds.03.file_data_access.pptx.pdf - BI technology: An Overview of Business Intelligence Technology - File access: File System Interface Video1 Video2 Monreale



A project consists in a set of assignements corresponding to a BI process: data integration, construction of an OLAP cube, qurying of a OPLAP cube and reporting.

The project has to be performed by a team of 2 students (at most 3 after asking authorization for that to the teachers).

Project to be delivered within 31 December 2021

  • First part of the project consists in the assignments described here:
  • Second part of the project cosist in the assignments described here:
  • Third part of the project cosist in the assignments described here:
  • Remember to re-submit all three parts of the project with your third part, as specified in the document above.
  • Dataset:
  • Deadline:

Project to be delivered during the exam sessions Students who did not deliver the above project within 31 December 2021 need to ask by email a new project to the teachers. The project that will be assigned will require about 2 weeks of work and after the delivery it will be discussed during the oral exam. For those students, the oral exams will also cover some practical parts that could not be included in the project.

Exam sessions

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