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* [09-09-2018]: Lessons will start on Tuesday, 24th. Please, see details below.

Hours and Rooms


Lessons will be held at: Polo Didattico “L. Fibonacci”, Via F. Buonarroti 4, Pisa.

Day of Week Hour Room
Tuesday 11:00 - 13:00 LAB M
Thursday 11:00 - 13:00 LAB M

Office hours by appointment, Room 374/DO, Dept. of Computer Science.

Learning Material

Slides & Registration of the classes

  • The slides used in the course will be inserted in the calendar after each class.
  • Registration of each lecture will be published in the calendar after each class

Past Exams



Class calendar - (2019-2020)

Day Topic Slides Registration Data/Software References
17.09 11:00-13:00 Canceled - The lesson will be recovered.
19.09 11:00-13:00 Canceled - The lesson will be recovered.
1. 24.09 09:00-11:00 Introduction. File data access. Representation formats: CSV, FLV, ARFF, XML lds.02.bi_architectures.pdf lds.03.file_data_access.pdf - BI technology: An Overview of Business Intelligence Technology - File access: File System Interface - File Formats: Introduction to data technologies(Chps. 5, 6), Weka ARFF Format, XRFF Format


Mid-term exams

Rule: Students may do the second mid-term even if they did have the first mid-term.

Date Hour Room Notes Marks

Exam sessions

Rule: Students having at least one mid-term exam may do only one part of the written exam in the exam sessions.

Session Date Time Room Notes Marks

Extra sessions A.A. 2018/19

Date Time Room Notes Results

Past Editions

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