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This page hosts the material used for the 2013/14 course of SPM related to FastFlow.


Current public version of FastFlow may be downloaded from:

The svn version is the most recent one (the tarball is usually older than the svn version), therefore use a

svn co

to donwload the most recent version (this command only donwloads the sources, using a

svn co

you'll download the test programs, taking away the last dir name, you'll get everything).


Current wiki page for FastFlow can be found at:

The page also hosts pointers to related publications and material.

Lesson: 29 october 2013

  • Code for the one stage pipeline
  • Code for the three stage pipeline
  • Code for the three stage pipeline with a farm as second stage
  • Code for the three stage pipeline using C++11 features

Lesson: 30 october 2013

  • Code of the farm with pipeline workers
  • Code of the master worker
  • Code of the master worker with explicit mapping
  • Code of software accelerator
  • Code of map

Lesson: 27 november 2013

  • Code of the mapfarm
  • Code of the dotprod
  • Code of the parfortest
  • Code of the distributed farm of farms
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