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Visual Analytics (602AA)


  • Monday, 14:00 - 16:00, Aula A1
  • Wednesday, 16:00 - 18:00, Aula A1 (new)
  • Friday, 14:00 - 16:00, Aula A1


  • 2017-05-04: The additional classes on 10th, 17th, and 24th May will be held in Aula A1
  • There will be three additional classes on 10th May, 17th May, and 24th May. The room will be announced ASAP
  • 2017-04-26: To choose a new weekly class, please fill the following doodle: Please, specify your course when entering your preferences
  • 2017-02-10: No class today.


Students will be admitted to the exam after the registration on the website The exam consist of a discussion of the project. It is mandatory to submit a short report (6-10 pages) within the deadline by mail to instructor, specifying the tag “[VA]” in the subject.

For your reference, the project report should discuss at least the following points:

  • Description of data and presentation of the pattern or model to communicate
  • design choices: colors, interactions, shapes, transformations)
  • state-of-art: similar tools or interfaces for the same problem
  • detailed description of the visualization with description of interaction
  • use case example for an analytical task

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  • Processing: a programming handbook for visual designers and artists . Casey Reas, Ben Fry. MIT Press, 2007
  • Design for Information. Isabel Meirelles, Rockport Publisher,2013.
  • Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, Scott Murray, O'Reilly Atlas, 2013

Useful Resources

Other resources

Class Calendar

All exercizes and code discussed during each lesson are available as a Git repository at:

Day Aula Topic Learning material
1. 24.02.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Intro: Visual Analytics Process; Slides ; VisMaster Book (Chapter 2)
2. 27.02.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Data types; Visual Variables Slides
3. 06.03.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Visual Variables perception; Do and Don's examples Slides
4. 13.03.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 HTML; CSS; Bootstrap; Client Server architecture Slides
5. 17.03.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Node.js; NPM; GIT; Project assignement Slides; Slides Project
6. 20.03.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 SVG, Canvas and visualization for the Web Slides
7. 27.03.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Introductino to D3.js Slides
8. 31.03.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 No lesson
8. 03.04.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 First exercize with D3.js; Scales Slides
9. 21.04.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Colors; Introduction to Vast Challenge 2008 Slides Slides
10. 28.04.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Reusable Modules Slides
11. 05.05.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Geography and Maps Slides
12. 08.05.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Geography and Maps see previous row
13. 10.05.2016 16:00-18:00 A1 Vast Challenge 2008 - MC 2
14. 12.05.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Events Slides
15. 15.05.2016 14:00-16:00 A1 Data Handling Slides

GITHub repository

All source code of exercises are available at the URL:

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