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Big Data Analytics


  • Slides (see Calendar).
  • Berthold, M.R., Borgelt, C., Höppner, F., Klawonn, F. GUIDE TO INTELLIGENT DATA ANALYSIS. Springer Verlag, 1st Edition., 2010. ISBN 978-1-84882-259-7

Reading about the "data analyst" job

  • Data, data everywhere. The Economist, Feb. 2010 download
  • Data scientist: The hot new gig in tech, CNN & Fortune, Sept. 2011 link
  • Welcome to the yotta world. The Economist, Sept. 2011 download

Topics and Material

Topic ^ Slides ^ Code and Data

01. Introduction to Big Data and Data Understanding introduction-du-bigdata.pdf
02. Big data Technologies: Clustering
03. Big data Technologies: Classification
04. Big data Technologies: Patterns
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